samantha rabe's diary

Friday, July 29, 2005

Pretty in Pink

By now, I have heard mom and dad mention numerous times how they hope I like pink. I've heard them say my room, my clothes, my toys, you name it, it is all PINK. Luckily I do like pink, what girl doesn't like pink. I can't wait to see my new wardrobe though, I hear thanks to all my wonderful family and friends that I have quite the assortment. I've even heard my dad joke that if for some reason I turn out to not be the little girl I am that if a boy were to come out he too would be surrounded by and wearing pink. Can't wait to meet ya'll!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

All those sounds

One disadvantage of being in my mom's belly is that I can hear everything going on around me but I can only guess what it is. For example while at home, I always hear this wuff wuff sound but what could be causing that?? My parents have also been trying that age old trick of playing classical music(it is supposed to make you smarter) but little do they realize I am already a little genius in my own right. Other sounds that drive me crazy are the constant pitter patter of a keyboard, that John Mayer "Daughter" song that my dad loves to play and then at night I swear I hear this breathing/snorning sounds like someone or something is sleepy right next to me(I wonder what it is-it obviously is not my mommy or daddy.) Maybe they have a puppy waiting for me?? Anyways enough rambling for today-time for my daily gymnastics(I like to do little kicks to stay in shape:)

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Growing up fast

Last night my dad of all people had a late night taco bell craving(late for us is 8pm) and he some how convinced mom to go too(from what I heard though it didn't take much convincing). I thought only moms were supposed to get cravings:) I guess this is the only time in my life that I'll gain a guarunteed half pound a week though. We also ran into our neighbor last night who is due next week. She was walking to get her muscles ready and to help move things along. They are having a little boy who I'll probably get to play with from time to time. That is the nice thing about this whole deal, I don't have to come out until I am ready and I call all the shots. Get used to it....

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Welcome to my new website

Today my daddy is working on finishing up my new website. He must be very excited to see me since he is already working so hard so people can learn more about me. My mommy has been working hard too. She has to constantly deal with me trying to get comfortable and dealing with the hot Memphis sun. Fortunately her belly shields me from all that humidity. This week I gained a few ounces and am starting to feel real cramped in here...Anyways...gonna take a nap now and dream about my beautiful baby room that mom and dad slaved over for so many days...Cya!!